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Updates for 14/01/2020

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Feb 28, 2019
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The following update has patched these issues:
  • Dz2 temporary fixes packed to solve pathing issues,
  • Fixed crystal halberd special bar not showing,
  • Tzhaar's now drop Obby Maul (Tzhaar-ket-om)
  • Fixed price of knife in iron man shop,
  • Item definitions updated to fix multiple issues with equipping items
  • Christmas event has been removed
  • Fixed zombies now having the proper hitpoints/attack animations
  • Fixed crystal axe special attack
  • Fixed Konar tasks not saving/requiring the proper assigned area to kill your task,
  • Dragon sq shield can now be disassembled,
  • Banking should no longer reset your autocast spell
  • Dragonbone necklace should now crush bones if equipped or in inventory
  • Fixed kraken double spawning
  • Items withdrawn from looting bag that go on the ground will now stay for an hour
  • Temporary fix for Verzik getting stuck while moving on phase 3
  • Fixed safespot on Skeletal mystics in Chambers of Xeric
  • Fixed safespot for Lizardman shamans in Chambers of Xeric
  • Zalcano now gives mining experience,
  • Fixed tormented bracelet (or) not giving magic damage increase,
  • Tekton is no longer affected by freeze spells/special attacks in chambers of Xeric
  • Vasa Nistiriov can no longer be frozen preventing it from moving as intended
  • Over 50 items given prices at molly that were previously valued at 0
  • Fixed Taverley railing obstacle next to lesser demons
  • Fixed emojis & weird iphone keys scuffing clan chat messages
  • Fixed Statius warhammer hitting through prayer without reduced damage
  • Fixed Vesta longsword hitting through player without reduced damage
  • Cerberus ghosts should no longer do animations after Cerberus is dead
  • Drake's should no longer hit you off another drake
  • Hydra movement issue fixed
  • Corp melee max hit changed to 33,
  • Cave Kraken should no longer hit you if you are inside an instance
  • Hydra should no longer hit you off of another hydra
  • Removed greater demons from Taverley dungeon slayer task (Konar)
  • Wilderness altar will now use all of the bones in your inventory
  • Antifire & antivenom effects from ornate pool for $1k+ donors should now work properly
  • Fixed Cannon returning normal cannonballs when collapsing/picking up when you're using granite cannonballs
  • Otto's grotto teleport on fishing cape(t) should now teleport you to Otto's grotto
  • Fixed ::myperks command not showing all of your purchased perks
  • Players can now dismantle the bonecrusher necklace
  • Fixed spam message with home altar,
  • Fixed stairs going downstairs in home bank
  • Added 3 custom pets for 3 $1k donors
  • Added Seed box to vote store
  • Added missing items to collection log
  • Hardcore Iron men who die will now be globally announced with rank at time of dying
  • New players who receive a starter will now start with 100 slayer points
  • Wilderness altar message is now filterable


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Mar 24, 2019
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Excited to try out these raids fixes.
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