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Kodai is an economy based OSRS server. Chambers of Xeric, Theatre of Blood, Five different Iron Man Modes, and a custom queue PVP system are just some of many features found on Kodai. What're you waiting for? Start your adventure now!

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October 25, 2020, 8:01 pm by Clank

Halloween event has been added to Kodai and can be started by talking to Death next to the Grand Exchange 733 Halloween chests have been re-added to Kodai and contain items from previous Halloween events. You get 5 keys and chests from finishing the event and can get 1 free key and chest every day by talking to Diango in the home bank 734 All store items are currently 15% off through Halloween! Party balloons have been revamped and will now drop items from Halloween chests. We will be

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October 23, 2020, 3:06 am by Clank

Kodai mobile beta has begun for donators on Kodai, If you're interested in being apart of the beta please check #donator-chat on the Kodai discord 727 728 A new quest tab & shop interface have been added to go with the mobile client addition 729 730 731 732 Some of you may have also noticed that we have changed our home to a Halloween theme and we will be releasing a Halloween event in the next 3-4 days for you all to hopefully get some juicy items ...

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September 16, 2020, 3:24 am by Clank

Added Completionist cape requirement interface which can be accessed by using a Log book (formerly known as a Collection log book) 725 Added Vyrewatch Sentinel spawns at Darkmeyer which can be accessed via Misc teleports and drop Blood shards at 1-1000 rate 726 Added Amulet of blood fury which can be created by using a blood shard on an Amulet of fury and has 10,000 charges and has a 1-5 chance of healing you 30% of your damage dealt Added Blisterwood flail drop to Experiments and have a

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711710 Lord Piquan crwys added as custom level 588 boss. Lord Piquan can be found under the boss teleport interface at the teleport wizard. Any player who isn't the MVP and does over 400 damage to Piquan has a 1-3 chance of getting a drop. He has 3 different special attacks and rotates these every 5 regular hits. These consist of: 1 stun effect special. AOE falling crystal Attack Crystal whirlwind that follows and deals Heavy damage if caught. THIS NPC IS NOT A SAFE DEATH FOR HARDCORE

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Boss Hiscores have been added and can be accessed by talking to the Ethereal lady in the home bank 707 708 Added Theatre of Blood Chest & Chest key (t4) Both can be obtained in-game or purchased on the online store Can Now use a Tier 1 or Tier 2 chest on Mathhias to get the option to trade in 15x Tier 1 or 10x Tier 2 chests into a random chest of the next tier (Boss & Raids chests are more rare, T4 not added yet) Added Priffdinas elves thieving Added Tzhaar-Hur thieving in Tzhaar Caves Added ...

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August 10, 2020, 7:06 am by Clank

Combination Runes are now usable Fixed Melee combat bug where you'd get the message 'I can't reach that' when standing next to an NPC or Player and attempting to attack Fixed Range & Magic not pathfinding you around objects and towards your Enemy while standing behind things occasionally Fixed Xeric's talisman not being visible when worn Jar of dreams should now announce Elegant items that were previously unequippable should now be wearable Completionist cape teleport menu now shows chatbox

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The Thieving event will no longer spawn in the Wilderness and will no longer hit players for more than 10% of a players maximum hitpoints. Rewards have been revamped 704 When shops reset items from Molly & Molly 2 now go to the Grand Exchange if they have over 1,000 coin shop value Added monkey backpacks to vote shop Platinum token exchange has been added and can be used by using Coins or Platinum tokens on a bank booth Fixed Enchanted gem not telling you where to kill your task with Konar

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Added Theatre of Blood event which makes drop rate 1-4 instead of 1-7 Changed spawn rate of Nylocas Matomenos so they shouldn't spawn as often anymore Fixed players not getting damaged properly in Wintertodt based on hp level Wintertodt woodcutting will no longer deplete the vine you're chopping Fixed Konar tasks now counting when killing an NPC in an Instance Twisted horns now tradable Added basic vote leaderboard & tracking which can be accessed via the vote npc Removed Woodcutting guild and ...

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June 15, 2020, 7:02 am by Clank

Wanna start off by saying thank you for playing Kodai,Myself and the staff team will continue to do our best to make Kodai the best RSPS. Thanks for 2 great years and heres for many to come!? Double experience is currently active and will be for the remainder of June 15th. Credits are currently 25% off on the website for the remainder of June 15th. Added Loot viewer which can be accessed via ::npctable or clicking loot viewer in the quest tab. Can be used to lookup npc names to view tables.

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June 9, 2020, 6:48 pm by Clank

Forthos dungeon has been added and can be accessed via the Dungeons teleport v2 menu 695 696 697 698 Sarachnis has been added and is now a completionist cape requirement requiring 250 kills for the cape Sarachnis should function the same as oldschool and is a fairly simple boss fight for any mid level gear Hespori has been added and will take 12 hours to grow, Teleport to the farming guild to enter (Hespori seeds are needed) 699 Hespori has also been added as a completionist cape

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