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Kodai is an economy based OSRS server. Chambers of Xeric, Theatre of Blood, Five different Iron Man Modes, and a custom queue PVP system are just some of many features found on Kodai. What're you waiting for? Start your adventure now!

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August 18, 2019, 7:28 am by Clank

Fixed master clue casket(stackable) not giving the proper item id Fixed bug where you couldn't loot items from your duo partner or ironman group PK Bots should now use a restore if available to restore defence level Fixed a potential bug with swapping weapons mid animation (Example; Swapping to an AGS during whip animation making it look like you're whipping with an AGS) Fake Players are now immune to venom and poison Fixed Rock slug & Cave crawler drop tables Fixed bug where you would get a

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August 15, 2019, 11:21 pm by Clank

Added Drop booster (15% drop rate increase for 30 minutes) can be bought off the online store or from the vote store for 100 vote tokens Implemented macro detection to alert staff members of people that are doing non-human like repetitive actions Added new perks to the donator store; Crystal saw(Don't need a saw to build in POH), Golden hammer(Don't need a hammer to build in a POH), Clue stacker(When you receive a casket at the end of your clue it will be stackable), Master chef(Cooking will

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August 9, 2019, 7:21 am by Clank

Added Portal Nexus which opens Wizard Distentor's teleport interface Added wool to the Construction supply store Bandos godsword (or) now takes 50% special energy instead of 65% Fixed Black elegant not being added to the Treasure Chest properly Fixed Legends guild hidey hole, Added Rogues general store hidey hole Added House teleport options to Max Cape & Construction Cape Theatre of blood now gives 3 common rolls if you don't get a unique item Increased POH loading speeds by checking if a

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August 2, 2019, 4:16 am by Clank

Construction changes Construction store now has: Noted clay, Papyrus and Bucket of milk Fixed Armour case now taking gloves for Elite void Fixed Treasure chest not taking Green d'hide (t), Purple elegant, Saradomin, Guthix & Zamorak vestments Fixed Wooden, Teak & Mahogany telescopes not building properly Fairy ring should now work in your POH Fixed Occult altar not switching to the proper spellbook Fixed Ornate pool not giving Sponsor benefits & resetting boosted stats Fixed House portal in

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July 29, 2019, 4:03 am by Clank

To start off I wanna say a huge thanks to Adult/Little Iron/Unlucky boi & Toez for being a tremendous help in getting construction released, They put in a lot of hours helping bring this to the server and deserve some of the credit. Construction has been released and can be started by talking to the Estate agent next to the Skillcape hall 99 After purchasing a house you can enter your house by using the portal south of the Rune shop 100 101 The real estate

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This week myself and coors have been spending the better part of our days working on construction trying to get it finished in a timely manner, Below you'll see some media of our progress Theatre of Blood drops have been re-worked and now work as the following Players have 'points' which is equal to the damage dealt to NPC's throughout the raid. For each death in a Raid Players lose 25% off their ...

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World Events World events have been added and currently have 4 variants (Thieving, Fishing, Mining, Slayer, More coming later this week) These events will happen every 2-3 hours in game and will provide players with an outlet from low level to high level to gain experience as well as other things while the event is going, The events last roughly 25 minutes and are considered to be the best experience in game. 92 Some events have an NPC that spawn that you can interact with and trade in the

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Players can now referr other players using our new referral system, for every player you refer you will get 50 referral points towards the new shop at home. Use ::myreferral to generate a referral code for yourself, And can be used by doing ::referral code You can talk to Hazeel in the home bank to see how many points you have and view the referral reward shop The server now has Discord integration and you will now see things such as; Level 99 announcements,

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First off I want to thank all of you for playing Kodai and helping us bring together such an awesome game and community, We launched Kodai last June and have had an awesome time working on the server and progressing it from where it was last June. Kodai has had its ups and downs but overall I've learned a ton from this past year and hope to use everything I've learned moving forward to make Kodai better for everyone. This update has been a pretty significant one as we've put around 2-3 weeks of ...

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May 28, 2019, 4:11 am by Clank

Crystal key rewards have been re-worked and now consist of the following Format(s) are: (itemId, minimumAmount, maximumAmount, probability) and (itemId, probability) Added Server date and time to quest tab Sotetseg ball damage should now be scaled based off the amount of players inside the raid instead of always scaled based off of a 5 man raid Fixed some more item definitions making them wearable Fixed issues with Black dragons having the wrong group id (so

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