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[9/28/2019] Zalcano + Crystal tools

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Feb 9, 2019
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  • Zalcano has been added and can be visited by using the Minigame teleports
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  • Crystal tools have been added and can be obtained by using a crystal tool seed on either a; Dragon pickaxe, Dragon harpoon or Dragon axe with 120 Crystal shards. Each one will degrade with each use
  • Divine potions have been added and can be made by using a Pestle and mortar on the Crystal shards to get crystal dust, Then using the dust on the potion you wish to use.
  • Dragon pickaxe (or) has been added and can be created by using a Zalcano shard on a Dragon pickaxe.
  • Fixed Gargoyle spawn in Slayer tower
  • Ancient Wyvern, Callisto, Corporeal beast all drop Mahogany logs now
  • Chaos Druid no longer drops Looting bag outside the Wilderness
  • Fixed bug where you could get insane experience gains from POH altars
  • Added Shayzien Pro perk: Allows players to use a Slayer helmet with shayzien armor, Currently on the online store
  • Fixed Master clues giving Dragon boots instead of Dragon boot ornament kit
  • Fixed Hunter event not announcing when spawning
  • Fixed Mystic Mud staff and Mystic Mist staff not working
  • Fixed Time left till next event on ::info
  • Max Cape & Magic Cape should now have the proper Spellbook swap option
  • Xarpus will now screech and switch to his counter state when he reaches 22.5% health
  • Theatre of Blood drop rates have been changed to 1/7 (14.28% chance)
  • Verzik Phase 3 webs will now deal between 25 and 50 damage instead of between 50 and 60
  • Verzik Phase 3 Tornado's will now damage you for the proper amount 20 damage minimum or 50% of your current hp
  • Fixed Dragon harpoon not showing attack options
  • Added Black tourmaline core to Gargoyles which can be added to bandos boots to make Guardian boots
  • Following items should now count towards your collection log; Dusk mystic, Leather body(g), Leather chaps (g), Monks robe's(g), Spiked manacles, Zombie head, Dragon chainbody ornament kit, Shayzien and Piscarilius scarf's, Royal sceptre
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