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[9/15/20] Darkmeyer + Completionist Progress Interface

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Feb 9, 2019
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  • Added Completionist cape requirement interface which can be accessed by using a Log book (formerly known as a Collection log book)
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  • Added Vyrewatch Sentinel spawns at Darkmeyer which can be accessed via Misc teleports and drop Blood shards at 1-1000 rate
    • 726
  • Added Amulet of blood fury which can be created by using a blood shard on an Amulet of fury and has 10,000 charges and has a 1-5 chance of healing you 30% of your damage dealt
  • Added Blisterwood flail drop to Experiments and have a 25% damage boost when fighting Vampires
  • Players can only do a max hit of 10 on Vyrewatch Sentinel's without the Blisterwood flail
  • Added Mother of all sacks perk which allows players to increase the amount of pay-dirt you can store in your sack to 500
  • Fixed Ancient plateskirt drop from Clue scrolls
  • Agility world event will no longer instantly de-spawn Captain Izzy
  • Fixed a bug where you would constantly get a "I can't reach that" message when attacking certain npcs
  • Fixed a bug where you wouldn't auto retaliate sometimes when trying to attack an npc while under attack
  • Fixed bug where you could teleport out of Fight caves without being removed from the minigame
  • Fixed a bug where hit timer wouldn't reset after killing a Cave kraken
  • Fixed a bug where Scorpia wouldn't allow you to auto-retaliate when you attack it
  • Kodai wand can now autocast Modern magics
  • Can now check the charges on Blade of saeldor while equipped
  • Donator ranks now have a proper marks of grace boost for each rank can be found on ::benefits
  • Doing Priffdinas agility now gives a 1000 xp drop boost at the end of each lap (multiply by 30 for normals or x5, x15 for other gamemodes)
  • Logging out and back in within a 5 minute time window will not make you re-enter your bank pin
  • Home teleport can now be configured to be set to Donator zone 1 or Donator zone 2
  • Piquan now spawns 1 portal for each player in the room & players have a 14 second window to stand on all of the portals or each player in the room will be damaged 40-60
  • Name changes are now possible please contact Clank for more info & if you're interested

Mr Sul

Nice one clank, any chance sorting out the world map always logging me out lol


Nice one clank, any chance sorting out the world map always logging me out lol
It only happens to a select few for whatever reason so its harder to find the root cause of this issue.
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