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[8/24/20] Tier 4 Key & Chest + Boss Hiscores + Chest Upgrading

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Feb 9, 2019
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  • Boss Hiscores have been added and can be accessed by talking to the Ethereal lady in the home bank
    • 707
    • 708
  • Added Theatre of Blood Chest & Chest key (t4) Both can be obtained in-game or purchased on the online store
  • Can Now use a Tier 1 or Tier 2 chest on Mathhias to get the option to trade in 15x Tier 1 or 10x Tier 2 chests into a random chest of the next tier (Boss & Raids chests are more rare, T4 not added yet)
  • Added Priffdinas elves thieving
  • Added Tzhaar-Hur thieving in Tzhaar Caves
  • Added a buff to Dragon claw special to try and make them worth using
  • Added Ornate gmaul upgrade which has a few extra bonuses than regular gmaul
  • Added delay to autochat messages to stop spamming
  • Global events should now have more of a presence when announced when they start/end by appearing above your chatbox as well as in your chatbox
  • Added option to buy all pets back if your pet is missing on the pet retrieval interface
  • Added new darker black graceful from OSRS
  • Client background is now a bit more brighter
  • Fixed bug where you could store Dark essence blocks in Theatre of Blood chest
  • Crystal seed teleport can now be traded in for shards
  • Removed Dragon bones from Arena store & Added new halos to Arena store
  • Can no longer log out after being targeted for Vasa Nistirio's teleport attack
  • Can now do ::info command in a raid to see time left on current events
  • Added Log cutting animation
  • Added Ring of 3rd age (Currently only transforms into 3rd age platebody)
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