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[7/3/19] Automated Server Events + Slayer redone + Store Changes + QOL

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Feb 9, 2019
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  • World Events
    • World events have been added and currently have 4 variants (Thieving, Fishing, Mining, Slayer, More coming later this week)
    • These events will happen every 2-3 hours in game and will provide players with an outlet from low level to high level to gain experience as well as other things while the event is going, The events last roughly 25 minutes and are considered to be the best experience in game.
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    • Some events have an NPC that spawn that you can interact with and trade in the items you've received from the events.

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    • The event for Ali the Hag is in the Wilderness and is dangerous if caught! You should always be behind her when thieving but still have a rare chance of being caught if even behind!
  • Slayer rework
    • A new master has been added for low level Slayer, Turael has been added to the Slayer hut and will provide players with low level slayer tasks.
    • Slayer masters now have requirements based on your combat level Turael(level 3), Krystillia (level 3), Vannaka(level 40), Chaeldar(level 70), Konar(level 75), Nieve(level 85), Mazchna(level 100)
    • Masters now give tasks with requirements based on slayer level and combat level similiar to OSRS. We have emulated the task requirements to match OSRS with combat level and slayer requirements to hopefully give more weighted tasks based on your combat experience.
    • Slayer tips have also been added and Masters will now give you tips if you ask for information about your Slayer task.
  • Store changes
    • Added Raids casket (t3) to online store and to the Chambers of Xeric's unique table, Contains all CoX uniques and few extras; Dragon darts, Dragon arrows, Zenyte bolts (e), Zenyte, Galvek whip
    • Added Supplies chest (t2) to online store and contains higher tier skilling supplies
    • Blowpipe and all chest keys are 10% off.
  • QOL
    • Thieving room in Chambers of Xeric now gives 100 points per grub deposited and caps at 3000 points.
    • Maiden of Sugadinti's max hit should not go up as much after a Nylocas reaches her.
    • Maiden of Sugadinti's magic accuracy has been lowered significantly and should do less damage overall.
    • Sotetseg's Range and Magic attacks should no longer do damage through prayer.
    • Fixed Vorkath giving Yew seedlings instead of yew seeds.
    • Fixed ham joint not having the proper attack speed.
    • Staff members can now manage the server from discord.
    • Fixed bug where you would be stuck in death animation when dying inside Pest Control.
    • Re-implemented the tutorial with a option to skip.
    • Fixed Dragon crossbow spec not working at all.
    • Fixed Telekinetic grab not working.
    • Bank at ::dz2 should now note and un-note items.
    • Loot chests now announce when receiving a rare item.
    • Added ::guides, ::rules, ::benefits commands
    • Staff command now shows staff online with ranks ( ::staff )
    • Fixed potential issues with arena.
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