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[4/4/19] Collection Log + New ranks

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Feb 9, 2019
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  • Players can now obtain a Collection log by talking to Matthias in the home bank, Collection log will start collecting items from this day forth in the collection log regardless if you own one or not. If you notice any missing items or any errors please report it as the collection log has over 300 items and it could be possible we missed a few
  • Added Supporter Rank ($500)
    • Ability to set your skin color at the Make-over mage
    • No longer need to have stone boots inside the Karuulm Slayer dungeon
    • Receive an extra vote point per site you vote on
    • Receive double runes from barrows
    • 10% chance of saving your runes when casting a spell
  • New Sponsor perks/icon
    • When you receive a pet it'll be auto-insured
    • When you use the Ornate Pool it'll give you the effects of an anglerfish, Stamina potion, Anti-venom, Antipoison, Super combat, Ranging potion & Magic potion
    • When you die in a raid you will only lose 25% of your points instead of 40%
    • Every bone you get besides a normal bone will be noted
  • Added Master Rank ($2500)
    • Master farmer; Your patches will never die
    • Superior encounters will happen much more often
    • You will get free access to all paid instances
    • You will get free gear retrieval from all gear retrieval NPC's
    • You have a 1-10 chance to choose your own Slayer task when gaining a task
    • Prayer drains slower outside of the Wilderness
    • You have a 1-5 chance of keeping your Crystal key when using it
  • For more perk/benefits info please visit; https://kodai.gg/benefits/
  • Bank pins have been fixed and should now be obtainable by talking to a Banker inside the world.
  • Fixed potential clipping issues around the world that have been overlooked
  • Started on 2FA implementation ( Should be released sometime next week )
  • Fixed an issue where when you disable all your prayers Quick-prayer glow doesn't turn off
  • Players can no longer get a unique reward without participating inside the Chambers of Xeric
  • Fixed Zulrah & Vorkath kill timer issues not showing correctly
  • Fixed some tiles on Pollvineach and Canifis agility courses that were not able to be used
  • Can now use Flames of Zamorak with a Toxic staff of the dead
  • North-east farming guild fairy teleport has been added
  • Gilded ironman armour should no longer be invisible
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