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[10/15/2019] Basilisk Knights/Sentinel + Clue bag


Feb 9, 2019
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  • Basilisk knights have been added to Jormungand's Prison which can be accessed by using Training teleports on the Wizard, Players can now also kill Basilisk knights on Basilisk tasks.
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  • Basilisk sentinels have been added and will potentially spawn when killing Basilisk knights for your task
  • Clue bag has been added and can store up to 25 of each type of Clue scroll so you will no longer have to worry about not picking them up. Clue bag can be obtained via the online store or the Vote store. You can only have 1 clue scroll of each type out of your Clue bag at a time so it will not allow you to remove them all at once.
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  • Players can no longer attack with the defensive attack style with the Dinh's bulwark.
  • Dinh's bulwark special attack now works and will trigger all non-custom scripted npcs to attack you in a 11x11 radius
  • Fixed bug where you could make Slayer helm with only kbd head and a knife
  • Fixed vengeance animation
  • Fixed Teak & Mahogany logs xp
  • Sapphire ring is now wearable
  • Rare drops will no longer not show if using filter game chat
  • Changed drop rate of Looting bag from 1-30 to 1-20
  • Staff of light can now be used with Magic dart
  • Fixed Staff of the dead & Staff of light attack options