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Voting - a guide


Feb 18, 2019
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This is a guide intended to help people who are uncertain understand how voting works on Kodai.

You can vote for Kodai and claim your reward every 12 hours.

Before you vote, make sure you are logged into the website on the same account name as you are in-game. Your password in-game and on the website will automatically match and you only have to register on one (either in-game or on forums) and an account will be automatically created on the other.

To view the vote shop for yourself or to claim your vote speak to Tim (Vote Store) on the south side of the home bank.

All you have to do to vote is to make sure to be logged in on the website (log in on forums with your In-Game details) and visit the "Vote" tab on the top right of the website.

From here click on each of the buttons/links and vote.

Once you have a cooldown on all 3 websites (it no longer says "Vote now" you are ready to go in-game and speak to Tim (Vote store).
You will receive 3 tokens from each website you voted on for a total of 9 tokens. You will be eligible to vote again every 12hours from when the counter shows on the vote page.