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[7/28/19] Construction

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Feb 9, 2019
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To start off I wanna say a huge thanks to Adult/Little Iron/Unlucky boi & Toez for being a tremendous help in getting construction released, They put in a lot of hours helping bring this to the server and deserve some of the credit.

  • Construction has been released and can be started by talking to the Estate agent next to the Skillcape hall
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  • After purchasing a house you can enter your house by using the portal south of the Rune shop
    • 100
    • 101
  • The real estate agent, construction shop & butlers can be found next to the skill hall.
  • The online store has been updated, We have added a Construction pack & changed the items currently on sale!
  • The real estate agent can change the style of your home
  • The sawmill has also been added and can be used next to the Estate house.
  • Construction should mostly be working but some things will be added in a future update as they will take much longer to work out, But for the core parts of construction we tried to implement the main things people would want; Ornate pool's, Occult altar, Combat dummy, Costume storage, Boss Jar storage, Jewelry box, Mounted glory, House portals, Ability to create teleport tablets, Butlers, Gilded altar and more.
  • Plank make spell has been added as an alternative means to creating planks at a 70% of the sawmill cost
  • Players can no longer use bones on the occult altar at home
  • The occult altar at home now has a 2 minute cooldown
  • OSRS hidey holes have been added and altered to fit our custom clues
  • Spiders have been added to the wilderness
  • Kraken will no longer be assigned without 87 slayer
  • Smoke devils will no longer be assigned without 91 slayer
  • Sulfur lizards will not be assigned below 44 slayer
  • Giant rats now count towards "rats" slayer task
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  • 103
  • 104
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