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  1. remi

    Relaunch, December 11th

    Since this was not posted on our forums, but on our discord. It's official we will be relaunching Kodai on the 11th of December. The time in the day will be posted the day before when we have a better idea of our schedules. This relaunch is a full wipe, Your characters and the highscores. This...
  2. remi

    [4/24/20] Agility Event & QOL Updates

    -Added a new agility event for both Prifddinas and Varrock Agility Course. -Added black graceful & Prifddinas Agility course (teleport has also been added in Agility panel) -Abyssal sire will no longer spawn poison spawns on Abyssal Sire first and second phase -Fixed Trident and other special...
  3. remi

    [01/04/20] Some QOL Fixes

    -Superior's will now have priority -Nightmare drops will now announce when there is a Very Rare/Special -You can no longer place a cannon in Nightmare -You can now have a law rune in your Rune pouch to teleport in combat below Level 20 Wild (Was just checking if it was in inventory) -Added...
  4. remi

    [4/24/19] Bug Issues #2

    Fixed trident issue on collection log, Added NPE check for OnDemandDecoder, Fixed Withdraw 1 option on bank, Fixed Pest Control boat interface not updating, Fixed bug where you couldn't get supporter or master Fixed bug where you couldn't get supporter or master rank after claiming items, Drake...
  5. remi

    [4/22/19] Bug issues

    Fixed an issue where easy clues could give you vespina/vanguard Fixed collection log having charged trident instead of uncharged trident Fixed wrong name in message when charging revenant weapons, Fixed rare drops showing the wrong killcount, Fixed birdhouse level requirement requiring 1 higher...
  6. remi

    [4/18/19] Happy Easter!

    Great job remi clank and toez :)