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  1. Clank

    [3/26/21] Avatar of Destruction!

    - Avatar of Destruction has been added and can be accessed by using Boss teleports on the Wizard of Distentor - The boss drops a few new unique items including: Bandos enchantment, Cape of Destruction & Avatar of Destruction pet - Players can use the Bandos enchantment on a piece of Bandos...
  2. Clank

    [12/24/20] Merry Christmas!

    First I just wanna say Merry Christmas to everyone and I hope you have a wonderful day/week and thank you all very much for playing Kodai! Today we've added the Christmas skinned home & the Christmas event which can be started north-west of the home bank just north of the skillcape hall You...
  3. Clank

    [12/13/20] Kodai Trailblazer League

    If you're having issues logging in, Please re-download your client from the website!
  4. Clank

    [12/13/20] Kodai Trailblazer League

    Hello peeps today we have quite possibly one of the largest updates to Kodai of 2020, Today we are releasing the first of many to come 'Leagues' which comes with many challenges and many pathways you can choose as you play. You will be able to choose what areas you unlock, what relics you gain...
  5. Clank

    Trailblazer League Tasks

    Below you can find a list of available tasks that can be completed for each region. The plan is to continue adding content and tasks in the available regions as we go along. Currently you'll find that we have over 500 tasks that can be completable across the 9 regions. If you notice we have a...
  6. Clank

    [10/25/20] Happy Halloween!

    Halloween event has been added to Kodai and can be started by talking to Death next to the Grand Exchange Halloween chests have been re-added to Kodai and contain items from previous Halloween events. You get 5 keys and chests from finishing the event and can get 1 free key and chest every...
  7. Clank

    [10/22/20] Mobile Beta + Interface Changes

    Kodai mobile beta has begun for donators on Kodai, If you're interested in being apart of the beta please check #donator-chat on the Kodai discord! A new quest tab & shop interface have been added to go with the mobile client addition Some of you may have also noticed that we have...
  8. Clank

    [9/15/20] Darkmeyer + Completionist Progress Interface

    Added Completionist cape requirement interface which can be accessed by using a Log book (formerly known as a Collection log book) Added Vyrewatch Sentinel spawns at Darkmeyer which can be accessed via Misc teleports and drop Blood shards at 1-1000 rate Added Amulet of blood fury which can...
  9. Clank

    [8/24/20] Tier 4 Key & Chest + Boss Hiscores + Chest Upgrading

    Boss Hiscores have been added and can be accessed by talking to the Ethereal lady in the home bank Added Theatre of Blood Chest & Chest key (t4) Both can be obtained in-game or purchased on the online store Can Now use a Tier 1 or Tier 2 chest on Mathhias to get the option to trade in 15x...
  10. Clank

    [8/10/20] Misc Bug Fixes + Combination Runes

    Combination Runes are now usable Fixed Melee combat bug where you'd get the message 'I can't reach that' when standing next to an NPC or Player and attempting to attack Fixed Range & Magic not pathfinding you around objects and towards your Enemy while standing behind things occasionally Fixed...
  11. Clank

    [7/29/20] Thieving Event Changes + Molly Changes + New Poll

    The Thieving event will no longer spawn in the Wilderness and will no longer hit players for more than 10% of a players maximum hitpoints. Rewards have been revamped When shops reset items from Molly & Molly 2 now go to the Grand Exchange if they have over 1,000 coin shop value Added monkey...
  12. Clank

    [7/12/20] New Teleport Interface + TOB Event + QOL Changes

    Added Theatre of Blood event which makes drop rate 1-4 instead of 1-7 Changed spawn rate of Nylocas Matomenos so they shouldn't spawn as often anymore Fixed players not getting damaged properly in Wintertodt based on hp level Wintertodt woodcutting will no longer deplete the vine you're chopping...
  13. Clank

    [6/15/20] Kodai Day + Loot Viewer + Raid Challenges

    Wanna start off by saying thank you for playing Kodai,Myself and the staff team will continue to do our best to make Kodai the best RSPS. Thanks for 2 great years and heres for many to come!🎉 Double experience is currently active and will be for the remainder of June 15th. Credits are...
  14. Clank

    [6/9/20] Forthos Dungeon + Hespori + More

    Forthos dungeon has been added and can be accessed via the Dungeons teleport v2 menu Sarachnis has been added and is now a completionist cape requirement requiring 250 kills for the cape Sarachnis should function the same as oldschool and is a fairly simple boss fight for any mid level gear...
  15. Clank

    2 Year Anniversary Events

    Yes all the rewards during the day will be available to irons & non irons
  16. Clank

    2 Year Anniversary Events

    First off I wanna say thank you on behalf of the entire staff team for playing Kodai & giving it a chance. Myself, Soap, Remi, Coors & Twelve have spent countless hours getting the server to the point it is now & we are extremely happy that you enjoy & play the server. June 15th is the 2 year...
  17. Clank

    [5/2/20] 2nd Arena Tournament + Bug Fixes

    Arena spectating interface has been added for a better viewer experience Fixed world map crashes when opening Fixed actions not cancelling after walking away Added Fire giant & Moss giant spawns to Brimhaven dungeon Fixed Brimhaven vine chopping Fixed Sulphur lizard drops being announced Added...
  18. Clank

    [4/14/20] Tons of Misc. Fixes/Changes

    Fixed issue where you could walk out of the view distance of an npc to avoid damage Added Crystal exchange shop to sell Crystal seed & Crystal tool seed talk to Amrod right outside the Armour shop Can now use potions on Bob barter to decant into whichever dose you decide similiar to this...
  19. Clank


    As you all may have noticed over the past few days we’ve had a chain of unfortunate events on Kodai. Toez, an ex-administrator have been involved in RWT trades with players. Unfortunately for them the items were re-obtained in full rather quickly by the staff team. The players, and the ex-admin...
  20. Clank


    Please re-download from