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    Updates for 14/01/2020

    The following update has patched these issues: Dz2 temporary fixes packed to solve pathing issues, Fixed crystal halberd special bar not showing, Tzhaar's now drop Obby Maul (Tzhaar-ket-om) Fixed price of knife in iron man shop, Item definitions updated to fix multiple issues with equipping...
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    Updates for 25/12/19

    First off, we'd like to wish all of our players and staff a very merry Christmas here at Kodai, Below you can find the following updates. Home has been modified to reflect the winter season Our 2019 Christmas event has been added. You can find this by talking to Santa just outside the bank, as...
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    How much Wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

    How much Wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
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    Updates for 25/11/2019

    Added dragonstone armour - can be gotten as a rare reward from enhanced crystal chest Added max cape placeholder Added Enhanced crystal key chest to home bank,Added CoX world event - (2k per 1%), Granite mining should now give you the proper message when mining, Can now left click cannon to load...
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    Halloween Update & Misc Bug Fixes

    Halloween Event has been added to the server and can be found North-East of the bank New Home has been added to match the Halloween theme. Fixed Vorkath dropping the wrong item ID for Vorkath's head Shift Drop & mouse zoom is enabled by default now Can now bank dark essence blocks Clue scroll...
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    Hey, thats not a blowpipe

    I can second this statement and hereby confirm, that is not a blowpipe
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    Server Events beginning August 20TH

    Tuesday (20th August) 18:00 ST - 19:00 ST 2x Barrows Rewards Thursday (22nd August) 18:00 ST - 19:00 ST Raids Mass at 1500 points per 1% chance Saturday (24th August) 18:00 ST - 19:00 ST 10x Pest Control Points 19:00 ST - 20:00 ST 2x Barrows Rewards Sunday (25th August) 18:00 ST - 00:00 ST...
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    [8/17/2019] Small Miscellaneous changes & Bug fixes

    We'll be monitoring the shop and the impact it has on how items enter the game etc. It is also Iron-man restricted. Killing the PK bots won't reward you with as much blood money as a player kill. ~Toez
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    Donation Transfer Request Format

    Donor transfer request completed ~Toez
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    Kodai Events beginning 8th August 2019

    Thursday (8th August) 21:00 ST - 22:30 ST 2x barrows loot Saturday (10th August) 21:00 ST - 22:00 ST RAID MASS at 1500 points per 1% chance 22:00 ST - 23:00 ST 10x Pest control points event Sunday (11th August) 18:00 - 00:00 Free well (30% bonus XP)
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    [8/1/19] Bug fixes + Misc QOL

    Decent round of bug fixes, More to follow in the future!
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    I thought this was a good place to post my kodai series

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    cant launch game

    Resolved & closed
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    [4/30/19] Group Iron Man + Key Upgrading

    Looking good, easy t3 keys incoming
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    [4/8/19] Farming Guild + Post 200M Experience Drops

    poggers update REEEE